Our social enterprise offers plant services and education emphasizing regenerative agriculture and permaculture principles.

We aspire to provide individuals in the community with the knowledge and skills they need to feel empowered to make the most of their outdoor spaces by creating edible and pollinator friendly perennial gardens. Our dream is to have fruit trees and shrubs throughout every block of each town in Greater Sudbury that can all pollinate each other and provide fruit for everyone. Imagine, one day all of these fruit trees will provide such a bountiful harvest that can be shared throughout the community! Scroll down for more info...

What the social enterprise is about and why we do it:

 We are a group of young women who started this social enterprise because we noticed a lack of earth friendly, affordable and educational gardening services in the Greater Sudbury region. We also noticed a lack of green jobs for youth, so we are also creating employment and mentorship opportunities to engage more youth in agriculture. We also realized that we can have the potential to engage with land owners to help them utilize their outdoor spaces in a way that benefits them, their community and the environment with minimal work and maintenance on their end. This can be acheived by planting perennial edible plants and native wild flowers which can be both aestetically pleasing and beneficial for soil, floral and faunal health. Not so suprisingly, these gardens can also be very beneficial to our own health, by providing us locally grown food and a space to reconnect with nature’s beauty.