Solar/Geothermal Greenhouse Project

Several years ago, the lead teacher in the Niigaansiiwin program at Lasalle Secondary School heard about Sudbury Shared Harvest and inquired about an educational activity for his class, a fully experiential education program for indigenous youth at risk of leaving school. 

After a guided tour and discussion of the Delki Dozzi food forest, students told us about their hope to build a passive solar greenhouse at the school.  In 2022, Sudbury Shared Harvest received $20,000 from Peavey Industries and $35,00o from Canada Healthy Communities Initiative to turn this dream into a reality. 

In the meantime, an unrelated construction project on the school property has now rendered that location unsuitable for the project and are currently working to confirm an alternate location. This has led to some uncertainty around a completion date, but when the greenhouse is built, we envision creating employment opportunities in which Niigaansiiwin students will grow food year-round and teach others how it can be done.