Volunteering with Little Farmers

This volunteer opportunity happens on weekdays between 9am and 3pm, so it won't suit everyone's schedule. We will provide some guidance, but this opportunity is meant for volunteers who are interested in taking leadership. Each volunteer will be paired up with a daycare centre to be a "garden buddy" - to provide garden activities for the 'little farmers." 

Volunteers should have at least some experience with young children even if it’s just being a parent, grandparent, etc. and some experience growing veggies (but no need to be an expert!)

The program is a work in progress and we hope that volunteers will develop their own ideas and ways of working with the pre-schools and their leaders. 

Volunteers will have opportunities to learn about maintaining indoor worm composters and leading healthy eating activities (not exactly cooking, but simple food prep). 

How much time is required? It can be anywhere from a few hours to an hour or two every week - it really depends on you! Other ideas for other garden activities with the kids through the season are welcome too!