What is Sudbury Shared Harvest?

In 2013, a group of people started Fruit for All to connect people having surplus fruit growing on their properties with soup kitchens and other community food programs that serve those in need. 

In 2014, the group partnered with Eat Local Sudbury Cooperative to develop the program further and in 2016, they began requesting vegetable donations as well. In 2015, volunteers also began planting fruit trees in public parks and in the same year, the group registered as a non-profit, calling it Sudbury Shared Harvest. In 2016, Sudbury Shared Harvest recruited volunteers to begin planning Sudbury’s first community food forest at Delki Dozzi park and planting began in 2017. 

Since then, Sudbury Shared Harvest has coordinated volunteer involvement in establishing more edible forest gardens, each much smaller than the first, but spread out across the city. By 2026, we hope to establish at least one in each of Sudbury's 12 wards. 

We have also initiated several other urban agriculture projects, which you can learn more about here