Edible Forest Gardens (EFGs) mimic woodland ecosystems using edible trees, shrubs, and other perennials. Fruit and nut trees make up the upper level, while berry shrubs and (mainly) edible perennials make up the lower levels. Once established, EFGs are relatively low maintenance and require no watering after the first year. 

In 2017 and 2018, volunteers led by Sudbury Shared Harvest planted an 8,000 square foot Edible Forest Garden called the Delki Dozzi Community Food Forest (the terms Edible Forest Garden and Community Food Forest are more or less interchangeable, with the latter implying a larger size). To see the list of plants check out our plant guide

Since then, volunteers have worked together to establish more (smaller) gardens.  We hope to eventually facilitate at least one in each of Sudbury's other wards. Locations for future projects will depend on various factors, including demonstrated commitment to long-term maintenance by people who live in the neighbourhood.  If you live in Ward 5, 7, or 11 and you want to help make one happen in your neighbourhood, please get in touch with us: info (at)

Check out our map of the garden locations here: edible forest gardens map